What is The Emotion Code?


The Emotion Code is a simple, easy and fast method to find emotional baggage and release it. This baggage consists of actual energies, the energies of intense emotional events that we’ve experienced that are still stuck in our physical bodies. These energies distort the normal energy field of the body, creating pain, malfunction and all manner of disease. In addition, these energies (trapped emotions) may be the driving force behind PTSD, depression, anxiety and phobias. Do you ever feel that you are struggling under the weight of something that you can’t quite put your finger on? Perhaps your life is not turning out how you wanted it to. You may wish that certain events in your past had never occurred. You may even have an uneasy feeling that your present is somehow being held hostage by your past in some vague and indefinable way. You may sense that you have emotional issues, but don’t know how to get past them. Trapped emotions are invisible and they can exert powerful forces upon you. They can affect you physically just as much as they can mentally and emotionally. It is my experience that a significant percentage of physical illnesses, emotional difficulties and self-sabotage are actually caused by these unseen energies.


The Heart-Wall


There may have been times in your own life where you have felt that physical sensation we refer to as “heartache.” This feeling of pressure or discomfort in the chest and throat occurs when the deepest part of us is under assault, typically when we feel that someone is hurting us or we're feeling a deep sense of grief, hurt or loss. If you have this experience more than a couple of times in your life I believe that your subconscious mind will form an “energy wall” to protect your heart against further heartache and against further assault. This wall of energy is referred to as the “Heart-Wall” and the trapped emotions that form it can be released in the same way as other trapped emotions.


What happens during


an Emotion Code session?


An Emotion Code session usually begins with a short discussion in which you have the opportunity to share your goals and intentions for the session. I then test for emotions that might be trapped in your body and energy field by asking your sub-conscious questions through the process of dowsing. Once found, the trapped emotions are released through a simple and easy process. This can be done with me in my healing practice or at distance over the 'phone or through Skype