What is Frequencies of Brilliance?


Frequencies of Brilliance is powerful 5th/6th dimensional energetic work that affects the frequencies within our body; it alters the DNA and awakens and activates dormant areas of the brain. In changing the frequencies of the body it prepares for and facilitates the transition to higher dimensions of consciousness and fulfillment of our full divine potential.
Basic to Frequencies of Brilliance is the assumption that, in addition to our existence within our physical bodies, each of us is also a Being of Light. This process connects us more deeply to that Light, allowing us to unfold and realize our Selves with less effort and struggle. It is about recognising our own magnificence and living that.
This is accomplished by activating areas on or above the body called doorways. As the work is performed, all cells are awakened, both physically and spiritually, allowing development, growth and healing on all levels.
One focus of the Frequencies of Brilliance work has been the repair and healing of the brain. Through the accessing of the energy doorways, the body and especially the brain receive an enhanced flow of oxygen. Another focus is the repair of cells in specific organs and systems of the body.
A unique combination of Frequencies of Brilliance and Amanae work has been used to great effect with children.



What happens during a


Frequencies of Brilliance session?


The first session is the same for everyone. It prepares the body energetically to receive the Frequencies of Brilliance and is a healing session in its own right. Each following session is uniquely mapped just for you - for your next step - and usually takes between 45 to 75 minutes.
A series of energetic doorways are activated using a simple touch on or just above the body whilst you lie on a massage table. Sound and crystals are used to support the process
Each doorway contains birthing frequencies that get transmitted into the cells of the body and brain. These frequencies awaken the remembrance process so that a journey of recollecting yourself occurs. Natural gifts return as this awakening takes place and the veils of illusion which have prevented you remembering your true self in the past, are lifted so that you can embrace a deeper experience of truth and the unlimited aspects of yourself. Clients are not required to actively participate in the session and often drift into a deep state of relaxation; sometimes receiving visions or insights about their lives or experiencing a deep emotional release although this is not always the case.
What can you expect? Whatever it is that you most need in that moment to fulfill your life's purpose. Each session is complete in itself and deals with healing physical dysfunction, addictions, mental or emotional problems and spiritual alignment and awakening.


Distance sessions


The nature of the Frequencies of Brilliance work is such that it is possible to send it over a distance. This is because it is not bound by the "rules" and illusions of the third dimension. The work is experienced equally as powerfully as a session given in "real time". For more information please contact me.