What is Amanae?


Amanae is a powerful body work which specifically facilitates the release of old, sometimes unconscious traumas and emotional blockages. The work is also helpful for those who may feel themselves "stuck" in old patterns and want to develop themselves further. As children, we are often taught to suppress our so-called negative feelings. Anger, grief, fear and shame are rarely given space during our young formative years. As adults, our behavior may be dictated by these old childhood habits which are stored in our bodies like tapes which we keep re-running. The effects of this may be compounded by the stressful demands of our modern day society. Every time we fail to give our true feelings a place, a new energy blockage is created in our bodies. The more this happens the less alive we feel and eventually the blockages may turn into physical problems and dis-ease. Amanae is about releasing the blockages, helping us to get back in touch with these old stuck places and unexpressed feelings and remembering who we really are.


What happens in an Amanae session?


An Amanae session usually begins with a short discussion in which you have the opportunity to share your goals and intentions for the session. You will then lie on a massage table while I use various physical techniques to open energetic "doorways" on the body starting with the heart area. This together with the Amanae breathing technique encourages you to go deep within yourself, assisting you in releasing the blockages that keep you in separation from your authentic self. Experience has shown that many Amanae clients have previously talked at length about their issues and desires to be free of their old patterns, but healing has remained illusive. This is a common problem when the issues are "solved" by the mind alone without addressing the emotions stored in the physical body. During an Amanae session nothing is forced; your body will only release what is appropriate for it at that time. Many times deep emotional shifting occurs and a mental, physical and spiritual liberation is experienced freeing up the energy which has been locked away in the blockages and leaving you with a sense of well-being. Amanae is really about how much you can "allow" for yourself.