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Distance Healing


Everything is energy, everything has a vibration or frequency. We are vibrational beings and we live in a vibrational universe. The deepest level at which we can transform is on a vibrational one. Through discoveries from the world of quantum physics, science is catching up with what the mystics have know for millennia.
Somewhere in our distant past we forgot who we were and began to think of ourselves as separate instead of celebrating and uitilizing our connection with each other and the unified field (field of consciousness).
All living things are connected. Other living beings have continued to access this "web of life", it is only us human beings who have mostly forgotten that we are connected to an unlimited source of information and guidance. We are electrical and magnetic beings made of energy and emitting light. By quieting our minds, attuning with our most important organ (the heart) or our intuition, we can access the source of this information and also use that to send information out as well. We too can have access to unlimited information and guidance.
The heart is the physical center of the circulatory system, managing over 75 trillion cells but it is also the electromagnetic center of the body and an organ of communication, emanating thousands of times more electricity and magnetism than does the brain. The heart not the brain receives information first (it being where our intuition comes from). It is also the part of our body that is in communication with the bio photons
( light emissions from a biological system ) and is always receiving and regulating information to our body field. When the heartís rhythmic beating pattern is smooth and ordered it is called a coherent rhythm. That coherent rhythm entrains or synchronizes the brain rhythm. The nervous system, the body's organs and glands all dance in harmony to that heart coherent rhythm and this coherency is at least partially within our control. Studies have shown that holding positive thoughts in our heart creates coherency between electromagnetic and bio photon emissions, which then changes the DNA so that our bodies are healthier.


When I do distance healings it indeed involves my heart and not my head and when I set intentions those too come from my heart. When we begin to see ourselves as more than just our body - as electrical, magnetic and energetic beings - it is a lot easier to imagine how we can connect and unlimited possibilities open up.
We can connect with others and the power of intention makes distance healing possible. When I work at distance I can sense the energy field of the person receiving and facilitate healing equally effectively if the person is in the same room with me or on the other side of the planet.


I love to work with distance healing and I am able to send both the Frequencies of Brilliance and the energetic cellular healing remotely. I am happy to work with The Emotion Code with people over the telephone or on Skype Please contact me for more information.



Testimonial on distance healing


"Jackie must surely be one of those blessed angels who appears in your time of need! Having asked God for help to lift me out of my never-ending story of unhappiness, I was presented with Christine Day's book, and immediately following, Jackie's name was given to me. She assisted me with genuine kindness and integrity as I embarked on my self-healing journey, beginning with an amazingly swift pace of "bone moulding". All arthritic joint and spine deformities, along with severe chronic pain in my back, hips, and knees unbelievably vanished after only two sessions, as Jackie perfectly mapped out and channelled the frequencies required to literally realign my entire body! I now feel so youthful and energetic, as if thirty years of "wear and tear" have been peeled away!


Jackie continues to lovingly support me (seven sessions so far!), resulting in emotional issues being faced and then simply dissolving, and a joyousness entering my life. And although we have yet to meet in person, I sense how she emanates a truly Self-devoted presence, filling me with such reverence for that same Divineness that is directing all life, without any separation. I have immense gratitude for Jackie, whose many years of dedication to this practice are helping me to clearly see - and remember! - the way Home."


K. Kinghorn Ripon, N. Yorkshire UK, 7th August 2012